Our Services

GCase Landscape offers quality services, from landscape design to monthly yard maintenance.

Landscape Design 


The scope of our Landscaping projects go from creating a new landscape on bare dirt, to completely replacing an existing landscape, to updating part of an existing one. After our landscaping is completed, we can maintain it, whether it be  Residential or Commercial.

Landscape Maintenance

We provide weekly yard maintenance which can include but not limited to; edging mowing and blowing. Our crews pay close attention to detail to make sure everything is left beautiful and seamless.

Outdoor Lighting
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Irrigation Installation & Maintenance
We can install a new irrigation system, whether it be one zone or multiple, and can provide monthly wet checks on the system. We also provide irrigation service calls, whether you are an existing customer or just looking for a repair.
Lawn and Ornamental Spraying


We are fully licensed to treat your lawn and ornamental pest, from treating for fungus to  fertilizing your lawn to keep it a luscious green

White Fly Treatment


We treat hedges and palms for Whitefly twice a year to protect your plants from this pest. If you leave a whitefly infested plant alone without treatment the pest will eventually kill it.

Arbor Services

We trim all palms and trees as well as remove them if needed. We can advise you on how to trim, and maintain your trees to promote new growth making your landscape look beautiful.