We can't work without our customers!

Happy Monday!! Unfortunately the flu bug caught me last week, so I apologize for no blog! This week's blog is going to be an insight to what we at GCase can offer to you, as a customer. Also, I encourage you to email me at office@gcaselandscape.com or use the nifty contact form on the website to ask questions or offer customer insight for our website! Our wheels can't move without our customers and we would love to make the website and blog a learning tool and also a place where you can reach out to us and get more information...

So let's continue...you are a current customer or a prospective customer.. you can assume we maintain yards and keep our SWFL lawns looking marvelous, BUT do you know what other services we offer have you ever questioned what more can GCase Landscape do for you? We indeed mow, blow, and edge, but we also offer monthly wet checks on irrigation systems. Our technician will come out monthly and make sure that your system is functioning at its best capability, whether that mean we add more water to your lawn or reduce the watering (sometimes more isn't always good...can we say fungus! Yes, too much water can lead to fungus in your grass, oh how temperamental our grass can be :)....)

So mow, blow, edge, irrigation...what else is there to offer...we also provide full landscape installs. Building a new home? Want your lawn to stand out? We can do the job we have done many landscape installs on brand new homes, and continue to do so. Installs include, but are not limited to; sodding, plant installs, tree installs, complete irrigation installs, working one on one with owner and architect to be sure your dream can come true.

Have you ever driven around at night and seen lawns lit up, illuminating the beautiful palms and lush plantings? We also do landscape lighting. We pride ourselves in our GCase Lightscaping, if you check out the web page and go into the lightscaping section you will see many pictures showcasing our work. We do personal homes as well as communities or condo's. Our latest work consisted of illuminating a condo complex on the beach so the owners could deeply enjoy their night time ambiance, and have the proper safety and security within their parking lot.

Pesky pest...they are always lurking where ever we go whether it be indoor or outdoor pest. Unfortunately we currently do not provide indoor pest control, but we DO provide outdoor pest. This includes pest within the lawn, and also fertilizing the lawn to keep it green! Of course, you were updated the week before last about the spiraling white fly treatment. We are still in full swing and our awesome tech's Mike and Toby are keeping us updated if they find activity at any of our current customers. If we are made aware we will be sending you an email to let you know and offer treatment, we would hate to see customers loose palms, or have ill palms in their yard!

Lastly we offer landscape for your current home. If your tired of the same look we can revamp your property to your desires! We also offer tree/hedge trimming as well as removal, and maintenance for communities/developments

I hope you all have a wonderful week and safe travels if you are starting to head North for our hot summer. As I stated in the beginning always feel free to provide us feed back or offer ideas and questions for the site and blog!

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