GCase barley made it...

Sorry for the late night post but as promised I have an update....not the best of updates. GCase's 5 acres made it ok as you see in the pictures below it burned everything around us and burned within our gate but did not touch any structure or equipment. Gib, Rey and neighbors stayed on site until there was visible flames to try and drench whatever they could and locate things on the property so it wasn't near woods. The office staff spent the morning scrambling and taking everything needed to run from a satellite office if needed. Luckily we did because we will be working off site for a week or two. We have not been given any time frame for anything, of course, since there is still active fire all around us. We had two neighbors near us who lost everything.. their house, everything in it and everything on their property. Things like this you can't prepare for...the news hypes you up and worries everyone but when it comes down to it the people it affects most is the one's in the fires pathway. There are so many people around the property who have suffered property damage and even damage to their bodies trying to save their lively hood, and in a blink of an eye its gone. All that being said we are trying to figure out a game plan, we will still be working but it won't be as normal we will be working off site until we can go back out. There is a lot to rebuild, and reconnect and as of now the office is not suitable to work in due to the abundance of smoke that seeped in. Keep us and everyone around us in your thoughts and prayers as we all try to rebuild what once was, especially those who are left with nothing. It is beyond heart breaking to see what we walked into when we went back out. There are no words to describe what happened and the pain you can see in our neighbors eyes. The pictures do no justice to for such a catastrophe. When we left tonight there were still many fire fighters battaling active fires. We have fire fighters from Miami all the way to Tampa plus the National Guard. We appreciate the emails and text checking in, if you did text or email Gib he will get in touch as soon as he can. Thank you all for your support and continued support.

#colliercounty #colliercountyfire #30thavefire

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