Fire Update

Happy Monday, We are actually functioning out of our office today. Surprise, surprise :) We didn't expect to be here for a week or so, but FPL had 30 or more trucks out here all day Saturday making sure the 21 people who lost power got it back as soon as we could. FPL replaced at least 20 to 30 power poles that had burned and had to rerun a lot of electric lines. As most of you know Friday our crews left half way through their work to return back to the shop to leave. As of now the fire still remains only 50% contained, the amazing firefighters and officials continue to try to tame this fire. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. Yesterday we saw officials from all over, some of the cities were: Key Largo, Kissimmee, Martin County, Osceola County, Miami, Palm Beach, and also the National Guard. There was many more officials from around the state, but those are the ones we saw near us helping our local authorities. There is still visible flames at some hot spots around us, but there isn't much to burn near us anymore.

Personal note from Gib:

It was a very scary Friday afternoon when I left the shop, flames were coming through the woods towards our shop. I want to thank all the customers who called and checked on us it is very humbling knowing that you all care for GCase and the family. We did have some damage, but nothing that is not repairable. Our neighbor to the east of us unfortunately lost everything he had. We worked with him this weekend to help out as much as we could to clean up his property. It was a long weekend trying to put everything back together before this morning. I want to thank my office staff who did a terrific job packing everything up Friday, and coming back on a Sunday to get everything set back up. Also my family who helped move trucks and prep our property for the worst on Friday. You don't realize it only takes one phone call, one incident, to change your whole world. Definitely want to thank God for protecting us, he had his hand on us. We are hoping to get up to date pictures of what is left to share with all of you. Thank you all for being patient with us last week we hope to be back to some kind of normalcy this week. Thanks again for all your prayers and thoughts. If you have any questions always feel free to email or call us.

You can check out videos taken from other locals at these links below:

All the live footage in these videos is near and around our location.

We all hope you have a great week, and thank you again for your support this past weekend.

Gib turning our mulch pile so it can burn itself out

#30thavefire #colliercountyfire

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