Hurricane Irma Information **Important**

Happy Tuesday, I hope you all had a good labor day weekend! This blog is going to be about the obvious..the hurricane. As of now the hurricane is a category 5 with wind speeds of 175 mph, a normal cat 5 has sustained winds of 157 so Irma is well over a 5 at the moment. SWFL is in the projected path one way or the other. Unless Irma takes a sharp turn east or west we will get effects of the hurricane and right now we are projected to be closer than we would like to the eye of the hurricane. Every day the path has changed, so we are hoping that continues, and for the better instead of the worse. Florida was put into a state of emergency as of yesterday so the different branches of government can work together effectively. It is predicted the storm will be here by Sunday early morning, but we will be seeing winds and possible rain before that. If you live in SWFL full time and will be here through the storm please prepare sooner than later. Myself and others have been out in stores and things are already sold out, water, tarps, etc. It is better to play it safe than sorry so prepare prepare prepare. If you plan to leave remember to leave as early as you can because everyone else will be on the roads and you do not want to be stranded on the road in the middle of a storm. Keep in mind the grounds are saturated, more than normal, so more water is not going to be good for the ground or our plants. According to NBC-2 since January we have gotten 69.44 inches of rain, that is far more than normal.

GCase is going to be preparing all week for the storm. This week we are focusing on maintenance and cleaning up before we get hit with wind and rain. All major projects are on hold until the storm is over. Along with tending to your yards this week, we will be putting in time at our shop to prepare for the storm. We will be up and running after the storm as long as the roads are accessible and not under a lot of water. Once the hurricane passes we will be in recovery mode, and when we are able to work we will be working, we will be going out to do clean up. Any tree removal, trimming, or hurricane clean up will be an extra charge, and if there is anything else we can help you with we will. Our first duty after the hurricane will be to drive out and assess damage to your homes/business and we will make a game plan from there. I will keep you updated as the days go by and during the hurricane as long as I am able. So please keep an eye out and read the blog. If you have questions you can reach us via email or phone we will be up and running until Friday end of working hours. We wish you all safety and peace through this week and the storm.

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