Happy Monday!

This weeks blog is for updates and some photos we accumulated from the aftermath of Irma.

We are back to our normal maintenance schedule,we've been back in the normal swing for a couple weeks, all hurricane clean up is done for the most part. We are still in the process of staking trees and plants for their survival. We sent out a letter for the winter flowers prior to the hurricane. Please know we still have all the responses letting us know to go ahead with flowers. We will be beginning those closer to November if not mid November. I spoke to our supplier for flowers, which is local, and they will not have anything ready until November Irma wiped out a massive stock. They won't be supplying poinsettias because of Irma :( If you have yet to sign up for winter flowers mulching etc I encourage you to reach out to us as this is something that we are in the makes of scheduling up now so we can get a game plan to get things done quick and efficiently.

Also, if you have landscape to be done we haven't forgotten you we are on a roll and getting to each and everyone of you!

As of now those are the updates I have. You can see below pictures we took post-Irma. If you haven't been home since the hurricane please keep in mind Naples is still cleaning up all the debris. They estimate 360 million dollars to clean everything up and about 6 months of ongoing work. The pictures below are just a snippet of the agricultural devastation. I hope you have a great week!

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